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Diskin Cider 2016-2018

Within the constraints of a very tight budget, the project goal was to create a multipurpose space for hosting a variety of events including concerts, receptions, movies, dinners and tastings inside the production area of a craft cider distillery. Our solution was two fold: First, to consolidate all of the program not associated with making cider into a single wooden box in order to maintain as much open space as possible. Second, to create a tasting pavilion reminiscent of an agricultural shed inside this box.. With the remaining open space we created opportunities for every kind of seating we could think of including reconfigurable long tables, hammocks, bar stools, picnic tables, cafe, lounge, and knee-wall seating around an outdoor fire pit. All of this is temporary and reconfigurable for maximum flexibility. The architecture attempted to stay true to the original warehouse design and provide as few alterations as possible to the envelope in an attempt to preserve the original buildings integrity.

Diskin Cidery Credits

Architecture : Michael Goorevich Architect, PLLC and Manuel Zeitlin Architects
General Contractor:  Nate Swartz,  Project Manager & Reed Draffin, Site Supervisor,  The Carter Group
Structural Engineer: Dan Borsos, EMC Engineering
Landscape Desgin: Brian Phelps, Hawkins Partners
Civil Engineering : Jeremy Westmoreland, Civil Site
Photography and Graphic Design: Anthony Matula - MA2LA [Brand Design + Photo + Film]