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Nashville Ranch Renovation 2017-2018

Renovation, Nashville TN

Small rooms, too many doors, not enough light, the typical 1950’s-60’s ranch can be a mean spirited curmudgeon.  But on the outside they make good neighbors and generally speaking, are very well sited.  As a group, they make great streetscapes and compliment the rolling hills of middle TN.  But inside, they suck!  Luckily, this is not a terminal condition.  On the contrary, their simple bifurcated floor plan with access to services above and below lend themselves very well to full modern renovations.  Arrested within their shells is the potential for light-filled spaces with great character and serenity. In the case of this house, there was an existing central basement stair that could not be relocated.  A primary design strategy sprung from this immobile fact.  The solution was to make a donut of the plan around the stair. By rendering its door as a pivoting millwork element, we celebrated it as a special moment in the middle of the kitchen; the moment of arriving home.  In addition, the adjacent rooms around the stair were opened up to each other to make a  new plan of linked spaces. A third strategy was to raise the kitchen ceiling and introduce two skylights that funnel light from the upper walls into the middle of the room creating a luminous center.  Lastly, wood slats were deployed to make return air registers and privacy screens helping to rid the space of solid walls and ugly hardware.  Lastly, large expanses of windows were installed to reintroduce the interior of the home to the landscape beyond. Through this experience we learned that the secrete to these renovations is to abandon style and whimsy and instead focus on problem solving, searching for the beauty within the most mundane parts and pieces of a typical home.


2019 Subzero-Wolf-Cove (KDC) Kitchen Design Contest (2017-2018), Midwest and Mid-south Regional Award Finalist
2019 Nashville Lifestyles ‘Summer in Music City’ June 2019 Issue: Home Again, Pages 70-74

HOUSE Credits

Architecture: Michael Goorevich Architect, PLLC
Builder: Worcester Bryan, Bryan Contractors, Inc
Structural Engineer: Ruth Alwes Structural Engineering
Landscape Architect: Anne Daign & Taylor Butler, Anne Daigh Landscape Architect
Project Manager: Karl Dupre, Bryan Contractors, Inc
Millwork:  Timothy Waldron, Waldron Creative Cabinets
Windows and Doors: Unilux and AVI, Jeremy Stinson
Photography: Anthony Matula - MA2LA [Brand Design + Photo + Film]
Window Treatment Designer: Janet Wilson, Custom Draperies
Lighting Consultant: Susan Trim, Hermitage Lighting